Time to scale
1/4 videos
5.1 Creative Clusters - <br>Level up your content performances
5.1 Creative Clusters -
Level up your content performances
5.2 How to scale your audiences - <br>vertical and horizontal scaling
5.2 How to scale your audiences -
vertical and horizontal scaling
5.3 - How to refine your automation<br> tactic set-up
5.3 - How to refine your automation
tactic set-up
5.4 - Chrome Extension Onboarding
5.4 - Chrome Extension Onboarding

12 min

3 videos

Support and retain customers with
Advances Strategies

Once you have set up your campaign and automated them to scale 24/7, it's time to scale with the latest tools in the Facebook marketing arena. Only at madgicx.com.

  • Filter adsets and sorts your ad copies and creatives by gender, age group, device, platform and even campaigns like acquisition, retargeting or retention.
  • Top creatives organized by objective or minimum spend.
  • Top ad copies with AI showing you the key factors that will allow you to replicate success.
  • Best combinations are easy to find with instant metrics appearing with a simple hover over the intersections.
  • Launch adset in minutes with the same post ID to not loose social proof.
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