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Guess using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.LIOJO using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.

Ditch that sh**t

So many tabs open, yet it still takes you so long to answer questions from your boss (or client). With One-Click Report, you can get all the answers you need at a glance.

What you're getting

Get access to all these powerful features forever

Real-time net profit, ROAS, MER, and more

Track all your most crucial KPIs in real time to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

All your data in one place

See performance from all channels and ad accounts in ONE PLACE instead of opening a thousand tabs and endless Google Sheets.

Ready-to-use templates

Create your ideal dashboard in one click based on templates used by expert marketers.

Super easy drag-and-drop editor

Play with your dashboard as you like with a simple drag-and-drop editor to build your dream report.

Line or pie chart? We have them all

Choose any visualization option to best understand your data: line, bar, or pie chart, informer, table, or goal completion tracking.

Link sharing & mobile viewing

Easily share your live dashboard with clients and teammates - who can comfortably view it even on their phones.

Ad accounts

How it works

Finally get your marketing and sales under control


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Connect your accounts

Connect your Shopify store and all your Meta, Google, and TikTok ad accounts.


Create your report

Select a template or create your dashboard from scratch.

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One-Click Report is a Must-Have for Every Shopify Business in 2023

Powerful reports don’t have to be expensive

Get Your Marketing Analytics Streamlined Forever

Cross-channel reporting dashboards

Real-time net profit tracking

Blended ROAS, MER, and more

Unlimited customization options

Expert-made reporting templates

Link sharing

Unlimited ad accounts

Mobile viewing

Trusted by 200,000+ advertisers
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Get Lifetime access

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