Truly understand how the Facebook performance numbers impact the sales bottom-line.

Understand Your True
ARR Performance

Stop making bad business decisions using misrepresented performance data, by switching to clear metrics that show the true growth impact of your activities. Use reporting based on actionable data to seriously improve acquisition, retargeting, and retention results.


Zero-Effort Performance Summaries

Our automated reports provide you with the rich, detailed, and intuitive performance overviews that you need – as you need them. Out of the box we give you access to all the reports, even those you didn’t know you needed.

Revenue By Nature: Focus Your Spending

Quickly see how much of your revenue is being generated by either acquisition, retargeting or retention. Find out if you are actually putting your money where your profit potential is, and start spending smarter.

Level up your decision-making capabilities to avoid bad-spend decisions, and work your budget harder.

Single Dashboard Across Your Entire Client Portfolio

Get an overview of all clients from a single location and quickly focus your attention where it’s needed without wasting any time getting there.

Work smarter and automate more of your operations to maximize results for clients, while reducing your own overheads. Dashboard provides Facebook Analytics across Acquisition, Retargeting and Retention Audiences

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