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Campaigns Overview:
Your Performance Cockpit

See all adset performance benchmarked over time in a single, intuitive overview that lets you identify strong performers and build on their success.

The Adset Storyline History

Contextualize actions against performance for each adset in a single intuitive storyline which lets you understand where and how you added value. Then just explore performance across any number of dimensions by slicing and dicing metrics for an unparalleled understanding of where actions meet performance.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

See every action and event that happens in your account, and focus your attention where it’s needed instead of wasting time digging through what happened where.

Give your teams next-generation collaboration via intuitive visualizations that clearly link actions with outcomes on an individual basis, so that you can do more of what works – faster.

The Rich Overview That Simplifies Complex Decision Making

The high-level overview provides clarity over what’s going on in your account with access to detailed performance indicators in an uncluttered interface. So you can just skip straight to making strategic decisions based on benchmarked and proven performance metrics.

Avoid the Average

Making decisions off aggregated ad-account results is only going to result in average performance. We let you tailor the way you manage adsets to easily optimize results for acquisition, retargeting and retention strategies. Develop revenue streams, drive down conversion costs, and understand when to scale with more precision than ever before.

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