The 1st EVER Chrome extension
for Facebook Ads Manager.

It’s live! The Chrome extension of is finally available to download here.

With’s Chrome extension, you will be able to integrate a unique NEW set of features that no one EVER experiences inside the Facebook Ads Manager.

See the whole history of your ad sets, which automations are active and who is performing changes in each ad set simultaneously. A real-time back-to-back vizualization of EVERYTHING you should know from each ad set ever launched.

Besides data analytics,  we integrated the power to switch between accounts and platforms, all under the extension window. Finally run your whole agency under the same screen!

How does the
extension works?

Developers at found a way to overlap an intelligent layer of data from over the Facebook Ads manager dashboard.

 It is an automatic process that takes less than 2 minutes to set-up.

By simply installing the Chrome extension into your browser, you can great NEW insights from your ad sets while saving a great deal of time on switching between the platform and the Facebook Ads manager. However, you will soon discover that having all the right key metrics at plain sight uncovers your skills to track patterns much faster and effectively.

If you are ready to discover how the future of Facebook Ads will look like, follow out our step-to-step guide to install the latest tech for Facebook Ads.

Step-by-Step Guide to install
the Chrome Extension

Begin by downloading the extension here, only available for the Chrome browser. After you have granted the required permissions to, you will see the icon appear in the top right corner of the toolbar.

Click on the log in button inside the extension and wait to be redirected to the log in page. You can access your current account or sign-up for a new one by using you Facebook details. Once inside the app, you are ready to open your Facebook Ads Manager and watch the madgicx happen. Inside the Facebook Ads Manager, select the Ad Sets level of your campaigns. 

*Soon we will update the extension to work on the Campaign level and Ad level. Sign in to our newsletter to stay updated.

Once in the Ad Set level, click on the extension icon again, and you will see the with the following message: “Extension needs ‘Account Name’ column to display Madgicx data. Click here to enable column”. 

Click on ‘Enable Column’ and the extension will instantly integrated the tools into your Dashboard.

Finally you understand why all this hype for the extension!

Right next to your ‘Ad Sets name’ column, you will discover a whole NEW set of 4 sub-columns. These are: ARR, Storyline, Last Events and Enabled Automations, and they all play a huge role on informing you about your performance. 

Moreover, you will find a new new purple button next to ‘Rules’ called ‘Create New Ad Set’. When click on, it will link you directly to the Mass Creation tool inside the platform.

The power of the Chrome Extension

Now that you installed the extension, I will explain yo the functionaly of every new feature added to your Facebook business manager.

ARR – Acquisition, Retargeting – Retention

The first sub-column is ARR,  the cornerstone for success. It is the name of the strategy we use to organize our software, our own ad campaigns and those of all our clients. 

The ARR column tell you which of you Ad Sets are considered Acquisition (meant to target audiences that never heard of your product), Retargeting (for audiences that are familiar with your product) and Retention (audiences that have already purchased).

As you will see in the image, ‘Acquisition’ Ad Sets will be classified by a green dot. In the other hand ‘Retargeting’ Ad Sets will be blue and ‘Retention’ are purple. In case you notice an ‘M’ inside the dot, it means that the Ad Set in particular was created inside the platform using one of its AI audiences.


Storyline can be found in the platform under ‘Ad Set Storyline’ and when opened, it shows an intuitive board with all the historical data of your Ad Set.

Beyond key metrics like those found inside the business manager, you will see on the top a chronological graph with the past seven days and which display all the actions taken in the Ad Set by you, colleagues and even Automations. 

Hover over the events to know the type of action taken in the Ad Set, change of budgets, time and date. Next to ‘Storyline’, comes a column focused on this last feature in particular.

Last Events

With the same ability to show the past actions taken in each Ad Set, this sub-column directly focus on displaying those events for you to simply hover over and get the necessary data to udnesratnd the current status of your Ad Set.

Enabled Automations

Out last column, it displays up to 4 icons representing each one of the types of automations that offers.

As you may know, ther are currently 7 automations running on the platform, yet 4  apply for the Ad Set level which explains why there is no more icons.

If the icon is visible, it means the automations is active on the Ad Set. You can hove over each icon to know more in depth the rules applied to this Ad Set in particular.



There is no Chrome Extension alike in the market today. A seamlessly AI layer build over your typical Ads Manager for more insights over you data. The Chrome extension comes at no cost whatsoever and is just another integration to the family.

The Facebook Ads Manager has been changing very fast in the past year, with even a whole new versions launched the past month of July 2019. We aim to keep evolving with Facebook as the most powerful platform for advertising today. Stay tuned for new releases form our team of developers. Sign below for our weekly newsletter and never miss other awesome releases like the Chrome Extension.

Santiago Lobo

Santiago Lobo

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