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Guess using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.LIOJO using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.

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Other analytic tools
Pay hundreds of dollars every month
Get one template you can never edit to fit your needs
Add extra money for additional ad accounts and channels
Hire a developer (and pay them!) to set up the integration
Or hire a data analyst (and pay them!) to build the report
One-Click Report
Pay $67 once
lifetime deal
10+ fully-customizable templates
Just drag & drop
Unlimited accounts and channels
No additional costs
Easily create on your own
No dev power needed
Get your dashboard in a click
No data analyst required

But don’t just take it from us

Hear them straight from our users

Ditch that sh**t

So many tabs open, yet it still takes you so long to answer questions from your boss (or client). With One-Click Report, you can get all the answers you need at a glance.

Say goodbye to complicated reports that never work

Easily visualize your data the way you want. No data analyst or any technical knowledge needed.

Powerful reports don’t have to be expensive

Get Your Marketing Analytics Streamlined Forever

Cross-channel reporting dashboard

Real-time net profit tracking

Blended ROAS, MER, and more

Unlimited customization options

Expert-made reporting templates

Link sharing

Unlimited ad accounts

Mobile viewing

Trusted by 200,000+ advertisers
Get Lifetime access
Get Lifetime access

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