All Your Data in One Dashboard

Connect channels, generate reports, and dominate advertising performance, all without breaking the bank.

Guess using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.LIOJO using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.

Ditch That Sh**t

No more tab switching. Simply connect Meta Ads, Google Ads, GA4, Tiktok & Shopify all into one beautiful dashboard.

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Get All The Features You Need

Net Profit in Real Time

Track Profit, ROAS, MER & more to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

Minimize Tab Hopping

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, GA4, Tiktok Ads & Shopify in one place.

15+ Fully Customizable Templates

Create your dream performance dashboard based on templates used by expert marketers.

Drag-and-Drop Widgets

Intuitively play with your dashboard as you like.

Flexible Data Visualization

Line, bar, or pie chart, informer, table, or goal completion tracking? We have them all.

Link Sharing & Mobile Friendly

Share your live dashboards with clients and teammates - anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited Ad accounts

How it works

Finally get your marketing and sales under control


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One-Click Report is a Must-Have for Every Shopify Business in 2023

Powerful reports don’t have to be that expensive

Supercharged Marketing Analytics

Cross-channel reporting dashboards

Real-time net profit tracking

Blended ROAS, MER, and more

Unlimited customization options

Expert-made reporting templates

Link sharing

Unlimited ad accounts

Mobile viewing

$0 Trial/ Only $29 afterwards
1544+ advertisers ditched their old $300 dashboard
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