Creative Clusters

Find your best Ad copy and creatives for every Audience 🎯

5 things you should know about Creative Clusters

1. Filter Ad-Sets

Every single ad you have will be shown, no matter if it’s on Facebook or Instagram, or if it’s under Acquisition or Retargeting.


2. Top Creatives

Each creative is measured based on the whole of your campaigns. Select the top few to assure ROAS increase.


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3. Top Copies

Learn why your copies were so effective with tool-tips gathered by our AI algorithms based on 30+MM ad spend.


4. Best Combinations

Hover over the intersection between creatives and copies and get insights on how this new combinations could perform.


5. Launch Ad Sets Immediately

The final combinations are shown for final review. Pick which campaigns you want boosted with which new combinations


How to Create the Perfect
Ad Set with Creative Clusters?

Learn how to adjust the filters and pick the best performers
until you get the perfect combinations.

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