Everything you always wished
Facebook Ads Manager could do.

Madgicx Chrome

Ads manager

A seamless intelligence layer on top of your existing Facebook ads manager. On-the-spot insights unlocked, better analytics, all while keeping the interface you already know.

Ads Manager Finally Visualized

See all the activities which shaped the performance of the adset and simplify collaboration with your teams, while giving them a complete audit trail of who did what, where, and when, along with how it impacted performance.
Kiss those spreadsheets logging work, changes, and optimization actions goodbye!

Nothing New
To Learn

The madgicx Chrome extension integrates new options and functions into your existing Ads Management UI, allowing you to get all the benefits immediately without the need for lengthy tutorials or learning new systems.

New Ads Manager
in 3 Minutes

With a 1-click connect and streamlined registration, the moment you install the extension you’re only 3 minutes away from real results. Instantly see the new options opened to you.

Metrics You

To optimize, analyze, and execute effectively, you need to know the true performance of your campaigns. As you optimize in Ads Manager, Madgicx serves you with the data you need, when you need it, to improve campaign performance and bottom-line results.

Your Ad Account
Personal Assistant.

Our back-end automations are always working 24/7 behind the scenes for you, but additionally our extension assists you whilst you’re working with Ads Manager, providing insights and highlighting new optmization opportunities.

Gateway to the New
World of Ads Management

With the Madgicx extension installed and linked to your Facebook Ads account, you’ll have everything you need to adopt the full Madgicx experience and further maximize the potential of your ad spend.

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