New Release: Check your Facebook Ads on Madgicx Mobile

+7M Facebook Advertisers can now check their Facebook Ads performance – from the beach, the couch or anywhere in-between.

Facebook Ads mobile App by Madgicx.com

We’re proud to announce the release of Madgicx Mobile. This product will change every Facebook Marketers’s life. We’ve been hard at work on this new product for the last months, and we’re so excited to share it with you all!

As you know, advertisers need to keep track of your ad’s performance. Some of us are on top of our accounts 24/7 to see what’s going on, yet this ties you to a computer desktop. We want to change this. That’s why we took all the power of Madgicx to offer a solution so the 7M Facebook Marketers out there can keep track of their performance easily and comfortably – from their mobile. 

Can’t wait to try? 🥳

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Check your Facebook Ads on the go. Spend less time in front of your desktop, Stop refreshing your Facebook Ads Manager… The revolution is here…

It happened again. You leave dinner with friends early to check your Ads performance. Your friends and family don’t understand why you always have to leave in a rush. All you’re thinking about is reaching your computer so you can see what happened while you were away. With Madgicx Mobile, the days of being tied to a computer are long gone.

Madgicx Mobile lets you check your Facebook Ads performance – from your train ride, your couch, or anywhere in-between. 😉

Access the data you need simply, everywhere! 

Just like people using the Shopify app to keep track of their website performance. It’s now available with your Facebook Ads data integrated. 

To make sure your Ads don’t tie you to a desk or computer—and to give you more flexibility when it comes to checking your Facebook Ads—we compiled a list of how staying on the ball while you’re on the go.

Here is what’s waiting for you.

Facebook Ads mobile App by Madgicx.com

The first screen shows you a Live View of what’s happening on your website.

Discover a revolutionary real-time update of your Page Views, Content Views, Add to Carts, and Purchases. Watch how the boxes in purple, blue, grey, and white update based on the real-time actions your users are taking. 

To see different time frames you can quickly swipe right and left to move between a break-down for today, yesterday, the last 3 days, the last 7 days or up to a quarter, which indeed shows you the bigger picture of your account performance.

#2 Facebook Ad Account Performance

The second screen shows you six key metrics, to check your Facebook Ad Account performance. Easily switch by swiping right and left between your Acquisition, Retargeting and Retention campaigns.

Discover your strongest hours and days and reflect on your weak spots so you can continuously strategize where to make your next moves. 

#3 Analyze by Acquisition, Retargeting and Retention Campaigns seperate or all in one.

Through the graph data visuals, it becomes really easy to “catch up or down-trending” performances. Every widget gives you the possibility to choose your preferred time frame from 1 up to 365 days.

#4 Easily switch between your Facebook Ad Accounts

Facebook Ads mobile App by Madgicx.com

Move between different accounts seamlessly. This is an awesome feature for agencies or customers who manage multiple accounts and need to keep an up to date record of account performances. 

#5 How to save the Madgicx Web App to your home screen

#6 Ask our Support if you have any questions.
Facebook Ads mobile App by Madgicx.com
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