Attribution & Insights Product Manager

Madgicx is the fastest growing global ad optimization software, and we’re growing the madgicx Ukraine office. We are looking for people who are as passionate about our vision as much as we are. The Product Manager that will join our team, will be working directly with our Product Leaders and CEO. Our secret sauce for building a great product is that first, we required our PMs to be PROs in the actual job/tasks of who we’re designing the product for. In our case, it’s advertisers/marketers/agencies & media buyers and only afterward be professional product managers. We also like to move fast and be the best in what we do. We either WIN or LEARN, that’s why we embrace receiving and giving good feedback.

The Product Manager role at madgicx is expansive. You get to meet our largest customers to learn about their problems, work closely with Google and Facebook, Snap. Tiktok and any other ad platform & partners to figure out what new products they are launching, facilitate the decision-making process, and roadmap planning together with your development team. You will also have a direct impact on the long-term vision of our products and take part in making the strategy for their rollout. We embrace ownership and reward strong performance so we will never stop your personal growth. Once you build & master your product area you’ll be able to become a team lead or a business unit manager who owns the technical or business growth of your product portfolio.

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What you will be doing

  • You don’t need to be a developer - You’ll lead the product alongside a tech lead
  • You will spend a lot of time with our customers to deeply understand their challenges and define the right problems to solve.
  • You will measure the product success, from product adoption to how successfully our features are solving problems & generating revenue.
  • You will own and prioritize the product roadmap and vision together with our product leaders.
  • You’ll work closely with Google, Facebook. Snap, TikTok, Amazon, Pinterest, and any other partner & platforms to design our roadmap and build the most robust omni-channel advertising product in the market.
  • Sharing knowledge with all magicians (colleagues) is especially vital in this role.

What you will bring to the table

  • You should be able to Dream Big (come up with a big vision) but also know how to start small, and get things done with a positive attitude.
  • Proven experience of at least 2 years in Attribution & Insights campaigns analytics and the Ads Attribution ecosystem at large– A MUST
  • Experience in saas product management is preferred but, if you’re enthusiastic about becoming a great martech/adtech Product Manager could be enough.
  • You should be good at doing research and understanding the competitive landscape (martech & adtech).
  • Our customers & team speak English, so you should be comfortable having EN discussions.
  • You like to move fast, all while paying attention to details.
  • You should be passionate about the opportunity of managing a product from idea to successfully launching a product that generates big revenue targets.
  • You are passionate about hanging in online communities, groups, for always staying up to date with new ad concepts and constant changes in the Ads Attribution ecosystem.

What we offer you

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Join us in revolutionizing the world of online advertising

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