The Winning Adset Formula

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Create winning ad sets in under a minute.

Our streamlined creation process gives you a selection of audiences with the highest potential and your best performing creatives to pick from. Avoid clunky interfaces or data analytics and skip straight to creating punchy adsets with just a few clicks.

The Science Behind the Magic

Madgicx analyzes all event data from your ad account using RFM indicators, and then builds deep-audience microsegments. These then form the foundation for the lookalike audiences you can use to scale up your performance potential

1. Instantly Activate Smart Audiences

The analyzed data puts all the best microsegments at your fingertips as recommended source audiences.

Just choose which to act as the start point for a powerful lookalike audience adset.

2. Play Your Best Creatives

Next you choose from your top creatives which have already been filtered by the highest performers.

Pick what you want to include, then finalize the audience with a couple of clicks.

Next Level Ad set Creation & Testing

Effortless creation means effortless tweaking, testing and learning.

Create and launch high-quality Facebook ad sets in seconds, and then start spending your time on scaling your ROAS.

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