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Why is Mass Creation so efficient with your campaigns? put together the data gathered from over $37MM spent on Facebook Ads, and developed 100+ Elite Audiences which are available to you right now.

A 5-step process that takes you from choosing as many audiences you need, to make infinite variations based on integrated analytics from the platform.

5 things you need to know about Mass Creation:

Filter Audiences
Select Campaigns
Top Creatives
Review Summary

Highlight Features of Mass Creation

1. Filter audiences based on the ARR method

Launch all you ad sets easily thanks to our audiences being organized under the ARR method (Acquisition, Retargeting, Retention) and launch full-funnel strategies under the same sequence. 

2. 'Optimized Structure' will be your absolute time-saver

You can opt to organize all of your selected audiences under proven optimized structure with 1-Click. Forget about customizing each one of your audiences in a day-binge repetitive task.

Campaing Budget Optimization it's also an option, and if your prefer you way, you can as well do it fast inside the platform.

3. Play your best creatives

Easily select your creatives across your current ads, Facebook posts or Instagram posts. All of them displayed under one intuitive carousel and with the option to be filtered by different metrics and dates.

4. Variations for the Pros

Focus your audiences even further with the variations panel. With enough pixel data, see how much ROAS brought you each country, exclude those who bounce with your content,  and even choose specific products inside your catalogues in specific audiences. A playground for any agency.

5. Get the biggest picture of all

Get an intuitive last view of all your selected audiences with their respective creatives and variations.

Where else would you review a full funnel under one single-page? A real and simple masterpiece of user experience that help you get the biggest picture of all.

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