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Single Dashboard Across Your Entire Client Portfolio

Get an overview of all clients from a single location and quickly focus your attention where it’s needed without wasting any time getting there.

Work smarter and automate more of your operations to maximize results for clients, while reducing your own overheads. Dashboard provides Facebook Analytics across Acquisition, Retargeting and Retention Audiences

Quickly Identify What Works

Get straight to fixing issues for your clients with an intuitive overview that gives you the complete performance story at a glance.

With all the analytics taken care of for you, you are given a hitlist to work through.

Auto-Visualized Account History

See all the activities which shaped the performance of the adset and simplify collaboration with the client, while giving them a complete audit trail of what you have done and where.

Kiss those spreadsheets, logging work, changes, and optimization actions goodbye!

Your New Secret Weapon

With high-performing audiences and collateral identified for you, the ad set creation process is sped up, which means creating more high-quality ad sets in less time.

Reduce the amount of time and effort you need to invest, and start scaling some serious horizontal expansion.

Zero-Prep Performance Reviews

Our fully automated reporting capabilities provide all the performance statistics you could ever need.

We let you streamline performance reviews with clients to the point where you just need to show up and go over the data with them.


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