Our Mission:

We 10x the power of Facebook Advertisement

We 10X the power
Of Facebook Advertisers

Excecution of the vision

“We united all the knowledge, skills, and technology required to succeed with Facebook Ads under one automated execution platform.
Facebook has fundamentally transformed the way we market. We decided to join in on the adventure.”

– Yahav Hartman, Co-founder & CEO at madgicx.com

Did You Know?

Meet The Team

Yahav Hartman

Co-Founder & CEO

Idan Beker

CO-Founder & CTO

Karolina Dobkowska

Product & UI/UX Designer

Chris Pechau

VP Growth

Stephanie Kerscher

VP Marketing

Yevgeni Kaperman

Software Engineer

Kira Kiruta

Front-End Developer

Maksym Sphyl

Back-End Developer

Santiago Lobo

Content Creator

Niko Nevistic

Full-Stack Developer

Dor Avidan

Product Manager


Customer Support

Elad Roditti

Customer Support

Oleksandr Shubyntsev ​

Front-end developer

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